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Welcome Newcomer’s, friends, classmates, teacher, family! If you want to look around go ahead, if you want to look at my post go ahead, if you want to grade my stuff go ahead just go easy. I hope you like it here, stay as long as you want!


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Sorry for the hiatus! But things happen, you burn yourself out and you need to just step back. Which is what happened to me. But My creativity and other things are back up to 100! So…with that being said, tis the season of horror and fear. So I have written something special for Halloween day. … Continue reading Sorry!


So over the past little bit I’ve been watching some shows that really pull at my heart strings. Like ‘Welcome to the Ballroom”. It’s an anime that I just started watching and I love it. Yeah I get made fun of by my friends, but I’ve always been a weird one. But I love it … Continue reading Feelings

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